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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Overnight Adventure

 Saturday, April 21 was an exciting overnight adventure for the Boy Scouts.  Both of our scouts had enjoyed the Party for the Planet during the day, while the boys got to stay for a boy scout overnight adventure at Rolling Hills.  One of the smartest activities of the evening was outside games (including ones Eric used to play with his youth group.)  Nothing burns energy off boy scouts like running around outside.  :)

The adventure was Australian themed, so the boys got to eat an Australian cake for a snack, paint boomerangs, and watch Kangaroo Jack for their bedtime movie.  One of the kangaroos at the zoo even has a joey in her pocket, but they didn't really see it.

The boys got to explore the zoo in ways we hadn't during the day.  The got to touch some animals during an educational presentation.  They got to ride the tram--we wouldn't let them during the day.  :(  They got to take a night walk around the zoo with only their flashlights.  When asked if he was scared, our son said "No, my legs were tired."  Guess there's not too much to scare you when all the animals are sleeping.  :)

They even got to take a walk through the museum in the dark with only their flashlights.  I asked our son if it was like Night at the Museum, but he said,"No, they didn't have any dinosaurs."  I guess it's not really set up to be too much of an adventure when you're led through the museum by an employee telling you about every exhibit.  Besides, a Night at the Museum adventure with these boy scouts could sure lead to a damaged museum in the morning.  When asked to tell me about his adventure, our son said, "AWESOME!!!"

While the boys had an overnight adventure at the zoo, the girls had an overnight adventure in the hotel.  We had a popcorn party and watched a Disney channel marathon.  Unfortunately, I woke up in the middle of the night with serious tooth pain.  I thought maybe the popcorn party caused the tooth trouble, but now I'm thinking maybe not.  Since my body tends to bruise days after an accident and even took several hours for my broken foot to swell, I can't imagine popcorn I ate that evening would cause excruciating pain by 2am.  I'm guessing some of my daily popcorn from earlier in the week must have been the real culprit.  :)  Anyway, we had a great time on our scout outing too. 

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