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Friday, April 20, 2012

Spring Concert

We had the privilege of attending the Grade 1-4 Spring Concert this week.  Although the concert itself was good and I was quite proud of my kiddos, the preparation for the concert was perhaps the most memorable element.  :)  I've been hearing practicing of vocal songs and the recorder for weeks.  Our son came home every day this week giving us a countdown.  Their concert clothes were picked out weeks in advance and laid out carefully the night before.  (Our daughter changed her mind about what to wear the day of the concert, but that's a woman's prerogative anyway, right?)

The concert itself is always fun.  It's great fun to watch the kids all dressed up for the concert.  It's also tuns of fun to watch the kiddos who haven't quite mastered performance etiquette and are looking for family members and waving.  The dances are fun for each grade and they do a great job staying fairly together.  There were some songs that even had me wanting to break out in dance.  Somehow I thought a wheelchair dancing in the front row may have been a bit distracting.  :)  Even I learned something new during the concert.  Who knew Neil Diamond wrote I'm a Believer?  Not me until last night.  It sure made me want to dance and go home and break out my Monkees cassette taape.  Does that age me a bit?

 All in all, they did an amazing job as always.  Thank you Mrs. Jamison for all your hard work.
Hiding from the camera

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