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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

If Only I Could Drive

If I could drive, how would my life change?  Hmmmm--Probably not all that much on a regular day.  I would still need my care attendant for other things, so she would be with me if I were driving anyway.  Plus, now that the weather is getting nicer, I take my power chair out more often.  It can get me most places I want to go in our town anyway.

If I could drive, what would be different?  I wouldn't feel stuck in my house during inclement weather  I wouldn't feel like I could go nowhere when it looked like rain.  If my PCA wasn't around, I could still get places as needed.  I wouldn't necessarily have to schedule appointments around my PCA's work schedule.  I could go places on a whim and not have to have everything scheduled in advance.

If I could drive, this weekend would be different.  I wouldn't have a choice to make between taking our daughter to the zoo Saturday and then staying at a hotel while the boys have a boy scout overnight event OR staying home and getting to have a performance at church on Sunday.  I could drive to the zoo, shop a little Saturday evening (at Target and Hobby Lobby) and then drive home.  Or, if I chose to spend the night in a hotel, I could drive to dinner and still shop a little.

If I could drive, I could make it to church 30 minutes away if Eric can't go or if he's already that direction early in the day.

For the most part, I am really OK with the fact that I can't drive and have made the adjustments necessary.   I have great plans for a fun evening in the hotel.  Plus it's cheaper than shopping anyway.  :)  There are just some days where I would like to feel like I made a choice based entirely on what I want to do and not based on what I cannot do.

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