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Friday, March 16, 2012

Always an Adventure

I know our sesquicentennial adventure is over.  I know we did over 150 things in our great state of Kansas last year.  I know not every adventure created great excitement in our kiddos.  I also know they (our daughter at least) were happy when it was finished and did not express interest in adventuring anymore.

Imagine my surprise, then, when she requested we revisit an adventure we had done last year.  Now, I know it was ice cream, and ice cream is exciting for anyone.  But, the whole idea of having an adventure re-requested was pretty exciting.  Then, to shock us even more, when we passed the exit for her least favorite adventure, her dad jokingly said we were pulling off and going there.  AND, she agreed, because she wanted some of the good bologna from that town.  We were shocked!!!

Some adventures we will naturally revisit because they were a normal part of our lives anyway.  Some we may revisit because we loved them.  I hope we occasionally get to do new adventures we didn't get fit into our travels last year.  On our way home from Topeka, we found ourselves not always travelling the Interstate.  I hope we always do that as we travel.  There are some great adventures out there on the back roads.

Maybe it is just food adventures she wants to revisit.  :)  Of course, she did ask if we can go back to Lindsborg sometime when her friend moves there.  And, I overheard her telling about all the cool Dala horses in that town.

Let me know what is out there that we should see (or revisit).

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