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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Oz the Great and Powerful Movie Review

I have been waiting to write this review until I saw the movie in 3D, but that hasn't happened yet, so I'll write this review and then add to it later (if I ever get to see the movie in 3D).  I watched it in 2D at first because so far I have only found one theater I can see 3D movies in 3D without getting a headache.   So, I patiently wait for it to arrive there and hope I'm not busy that weekend.  Ah, the joys of a TBI (traumatic brain injury) and double vision.

This is an amazing movie and I've heard I should definitely see it in 3D, so I hope I can.  Some 3D movies have not really been worth watching in 3D, but this has scenes I think would be pretty spectacular in 3D.  Even in 2D the imagery is just magic.   Just so you know, there may be spoiler alerts in this blog, so if you haven't seen it and want to see it with no fore knowledge, stop reading now.  

This movie was amazing visually and cinematographically.  Just like the Wizard of Oz, Kansas is black and white which makes entering the colorful land of oz more of a visual feast.  I was waiting for some of the characters from the Wizard of Oz.  There were nods to the lion and scarecrow--see if you can find them.  But, the tin man was no where to be seen.  That's OK with me the scarecrow is my favorite anyway.  I did not expect to see Dorothy, after all she wouldn't have been around at this time, but is Annie Dorothy's Mom?  I think possibly so.

I loved the new characters and the fact that this movie added pieces of the L. Frank Baum books that the Wizard of Oz did not.  The china village is one of my favorite parts and I'm so glad they decided to add it in.  When I read the book, that is a part I was saddened was missing.

I think this movie is definitely worth the see.   And, I think they did a great job trying to stay true to the movie Wizard of Oz while adding some parts from the books that were missing. It would be hard to stay completely true to the books, since the Wizard of Oz movie definitely did not.   I have been reading the books and as with most movies based on books, there are some marked differences.  There is a missing witch for one.  And, the story of how Oz took the throne in the Emerald City is markedly different.  Oz, in the books is more of a "humbug" and less of a hero.  Of course, that wouldn't make a very good movie.  You definitely want a hero to root for against the wicked witches.

That being said, I loved the movie and can't wait to see it again.  This is one that will definitely make it's way into our home movie library.  But, if you are a book purist, you will be disappointed.  There are differences so great that it would be hard to overlook them.

There is a quote from the movie that I am going to try to live by:  Oz said: 
"You have nothing to fear so long as you believe. For when you believe, anything is possible"

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  1. Well, I finally got to see it in 3D. Visually, it is incredible. Now, I'd just like to see it in 3D earlier in the day so I can stay awake through the entire move. :)
    By the way, watch out for the flying baboons. They're even more frightening in 3D.