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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Can We Switch From Snow to Rain?

Why is it that snow so often has been impacting church this winter?  Why is it that it comes in on a Saturday night and keeps my KDOT employee husband out plowing?  I am thankful that it comes at a time that doesn't impact work or school.  I am thankful that it comes at a time I can technically stay inside, but I sure do miss going to church. 

We have had some practice learning how to have "church" at home.  I'm thankful that there are shows on my DVR that can work for church.  Today, for example, we watched (and challenged each other) with American Bible Challenge and I played the edited version of The Bible which really means I fast fowarded through all the really violent parts.  That's the great thing about DVR--It lets me preview a show and then only watch the parts later with the kiddos that I think they should see.  We also got to watch the new VeggieTales DVD (more for me than for them) and do our Lent Bible reading.  Which just so happened to be about Palm Sunday.  So, although we missed waving palm branches and fellowshipping with our church family, we still had "church."

I know we need the moisture, but I sure hope we're at the time of year where we can switch over to rain.  I sure miss church and hope this is the last time I have to for a very long time.

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Thanksgiving for today
Warm house
Learning to have "church" at home
Food in the house
Almond Toffee from Russell Stovers
Cozy blanket
Learning to go with the flow

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  1. It's going to be in the 60s the rest of the week and weekend, but I see snow in the forecast for Monday. Really!!! That is April--I thought show would be over by now. :(