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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Youth Group


I can hardly believe my daughter went on her first youth group concert trip tonight.  I am thrilled she has found a group that she loves and can't wait to spend time with.  What I can't believe is that I could possibly be old enough to have a kid in youth group.  After years of being in youth and then living life married to a youth pastor, it is strange to begin a season of sending my child off to youth events.  I'm used to being the one going not the one sending. 

It got me thinking about my own experience with youth growing up.  I want that for my children.  I grew up with a smaller youth group, but we were close and they were the ones I wanted to spend my free time with.  With them, I never felt pressed to be anyone other than myself and I never got made fun of for sticking to my morals.  We were small, but we loved, supported, and encouraged each other.  I always knew that I could probably get my curfew extended if I was out with those friends.  :)
I want this kind of community for my children.  I am so thankful for the excitement I see in her every time she gets to spend time with this community.

We were a small group, but we were a part of a larger District, and State events.  My whole teenage life revolved around these events.  They were always put on my calendar first and then other events in my life had to work around them.  Church camp, State Youth Convention, District Campmeeting, and District Rallies always came first.  Some of my best friends came from district and state events.  Some of them remain friends to this day.  I am thankful to all of you for the impact you had on my life.  I'm going to make a partial list of my found memories from youth events.  For those of you who share those memories, please share which were your favorites and add more that may not be on there. 

Here they are in random order as they popped into my brain:
1.  Never wanting youth events to end so heading over to someones house when church was over
2.  Biscuits and gravy breakfast before school
3.  Road trips to SYC
4.  IYC in San Antonio with the Amys
5.  The State officers hotel room on the second floor with security (Eric) climbing up to our window
6.  Visiting MBC over Halloween
7.  Piling as many as possible into the car
8.  Water fights at District Campmeeting
9.  "Honey If You Love Me, Please, Please, Smile"
10. Picking up a friend and heading to the Town and Country for Breakfast before school

There are so many more, but these are the first 10 that popped into my brain.  Help me out by posting yours and sending this on whoever else might have some great memories.

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Thanksgiving for today
451.  Working together
452.  Recliner seat on couch
453.  Clothesline
454.  Movie Room
455.  Text


  1. Loved biscuits and gravy before school - that was special!

    I always loved state church conventions!

    I remember Brant and Trent in the kitchen at church trying to hose us down with the water squirters.

    My favorite memory is when we did the progressive supper and ended up at Cox's barn to play different games.

    Also, loved the Gale Hays hayrack rides around Halloween time...oh yeah, remember when we did haunted houses in the church basement for the kids?

    Countless hours of hide and seek in the church basement.

    Our youth group was not just a group of friends...we were family and still are! Love all of you! Melinda

    1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your memories. We had such a great time!! I totally remember thinking we were such grown ups and making a haunted house for the "little" kids. :) Do you remember making weird drink concoctions with all random ingredients in the church kitchen while our parents were at choir?