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Friday, September 21, 2012

Manitou Springs Cliff Dwellings

 Our daughter's pick for this trip was visiting the Manitou Cliff Dwellings.  They are not the most accessible attraction in the world, but they do a great job.  Wheelchair users get in free of charge and an employee will help spot you as you take your chair down the incline to the museum and gift shop.  I think they mentioned something about using a service elevator to get to the other floors, but I didn't try it.  The Cliff Dwellings themselves are not accessible (of course).  I don't imagine the Indians had wheelchairs to build around.  :)  I doubt they were considering such things as they built into the side of the mountain.  There was a ramp up to the Cliff Dwellings and the kiddos had a great time checking out the inside.   Our daughter was quite pleased with her Colorado pick and even more so when she spotted the merchandise tables and was able to do some serious shopping.

Inside the Museum

 The Cliff Dwellings

I need a headdress made of candy  :)

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