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Friday, February 17, 2012


I read the article "Raise the Next Steve Jobs" in Parenting: School Years .  Well, it got me thinking about what exactly I want for my kiddos and what the gifted program had meant to me.  My gifted program in Jr. High/High School played a big part in getting me safely through school.  I looked forward to the one classroom period each week where I could escape from the reality of regular classroom experience and actually get to relax and have a good time. 

It is the experience from Gifted class that remains in my memory and that I want to somewhat try to recreate for those in my life now.
  • I tried to create a new cultural experience for our youth group with food each week during our Lunch Bunch in the summer because we did that in Gifted class and I loved it
  • We have many of the same board games here at home that we played in Gifted
  • I still find myself reading books and watching movies not solely for mindless entertainment, but sometimes look for life lessons in them
  • I love experiencing new cultural events and want to introduce that to my family--Check out our blog at  I often thought of Gifted class on our adventures around the state.
The best part about Gifted for me was finding a group of people I felt comfortable with and could be myself.  We enjoyed spending time together enough that it was not limited to the 1 hour of Gifted class per week.  We found time to be friends and hang out in our other classes as well.  We even got to go on road trips to Scholar Bowls, Gifted Seminars, and one time to Kansas City.  When I think about my high school, often the people I was associated with through the gifted program are the ones I think of today.  I wonder where they all are and what they are doing.  I am still in contact with some of them almost 20 years later.  (Can't believe it's been that long!!)

So, I've decided what I want for my kids is not necessarily a Gifted program.  There are both good and bad ones out there.  I was just fortunate enough to have a great one throughout Jr. High/High School when I needed it the most.  What I want for my kiddos is to find a group of people they feel comfortable with and who will let them be themselves.  I want them to have a group of peers who will encourage them to always do their best and reach for the stars.  I want them to be challenged to continue to do better and better and have someone to celebrate with when they reach their goals. 

Thank you Mrs. Sebelius and the JJAAS.  I am who I am today partly because of you.

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  1. This is awesome! Just this week, I told my junior English class about "burning a zap" in gifted class, and about how wonderful it was, in general. I think of it often, too, and I wonder how all of you are doing!