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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Cave of the Winds

Finally, Eric's pick for our Colorado vacation.  Cave of the Winds--a perfect place for our rock hounds and for our daughter to experience since she got her Geology badge in scouts this year.  It is not wheelchair accessible (of course), so Azure and I waited upstairs and I read my book.  Our daughter said it was a good thing I didn't go, because even if I could walk, I couldn't fit. Imagine her surprise when she found out I have been down there before.  :)

Of course, no trip to a mine is complete without a little panning for treasures once you're done.  Fortunately, Cave of the Winds provides the opportunity for that to happen.  You can by a bag of stuff in the gift shop and the use the water trough outside to see if you have any treasure.  I think this was the kiddos favorite part.  :)

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