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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Keeping Our Schools Safe

Every week day I entrust the safety of my children to school for approximately 7 1/2 hours.  Fortunately, I rarely worry about their safety while they are there.  Now, granted, there is some tough stuff emotionally that happens as you grow up.  Especially when you have a room full of kids all hitting puberty and hormones at about the same time.  Thankfully, our school has an anti-bullying program.  Does this keep bullying from happening?  Unfortunately, NO.  But, what it does do is help all the kiddos identify what constitutes bullying so everyone knows when it is happening and they know where to find help.  Hopefully, it also means the students stick up for each other and identify bullying when it happens to others.

One day, within the past few weeks, I heard a firetruck pass through town.  I never imagined it was headed to the school.  I never imagined they had a REAL fire.  I am so thankful they practice fire drills so that everyone was able to safely and quickly get out of the building.  I'm thankful they knew how to respond in an emergency.  I'm thankful the fire alarm was pulled quickly and teachers managed to remain calm enough to get their students to safety.  I'm thankful the fire department responded quickly and there were no injuries or major structural damage.  I'm thankful the first graders were already at PE since the fire started outside their classroom.  This was an adventure we never really want to have, but I'm thankful the school practices just in case.  I don't think anyone at that school will think fire drills are a boring waste of time.

Thank you to teachers, Principal, staff, firefighters, etc. who work so hard to keep our children safe.  Thank you to God for keeping Your Hand over the school.  I'm thankful my trust is not misplaced.  I entrust my children's safety to the school approximately 37 1/2 hours per week.  Thank you that you also take their safety so seriously.

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  1. I heard sirens yesterday afternoon and immediately worried about a fire at the school. Fortunately, there wasn't one. If I am that traumatized, what about the kiddos that actually experienced the emergency? Fortunately, I seem to be much more traumatized than there are.