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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Don't Stifle the Creative Spirit

I had forgotten just how creative my children could be.  They are each given a chore or two to do each day before they can have any screen time.  Although they've chosen to go without screen time for most of the week, they have been "working" today.  They chose to work together and there has been an awful lot of giggling coming from their rooms.  They have been inventing games to make cleaning more fun.  Sure wish I could learn some of those games.  :)

There have also been some other creative activities taking place.  Every few minutes this afternoon our daughter ran to record a new verse of her song.  She was inspired suddenly this afternoon and every little bit she was inspired even more.  The day ended with a complete song, recorded on a cell phone.  When she played it for her dad this afternoon, even I knew most of the song.  We have a song writer on our hands.

May I never stifle this creativity  I know part of the inspiration was cleaning their rooms and finding precious treasures that had been missing for weeks/months (like a microphone).  I've always said, if something is lost, spend some time cleaning and you'll be amazed what you can find.  ;)  May I never let cleanliness and order take priority over creativity.  How do you balance order and creativity?  How do you make sure kids have the freedom to express themselves and maintain a sense of family responsibility?  How do I make sure the kiddos have a fun summer and the ability to express their creativity while not turning the house into a junk yard?   Maybe, they just have too much STUFF and not enough "blank space" to really encourage creativity.  Maybe our garage sale this weekend will help them find more "blank space." 

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